Timing: 0900 – 1630 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Amjad Salamat
Chairs: Farrukh Saeed, Saad Khalid Niaz, Zahid Azam, Ghias Un Nabi Tayyab, Kashif Malik

Time Topic Presenter
0900-1100 ERCP Saad Khalid Niaz
1100-1230 EUS Amjad Salamat, Farrukh Saeed, Shehzad Riaz
1230-1330 Upper G.I. Bleed Farrukh Saeed
1330-1400 BREAK
1400-1445 POEMS Ghias Un Nabi Tayyab
1445-1530 Colonic EMR Mumtaz Hayat
1530-1600 Different Type of Pancreato-Billiary Stents and their usage David Leslie Carr-Locke
1600-1630 Cholangioscopy for Biliary Strictures and Stones David Leslie Carr-Locke

Day 1


Timing: 0900 – 1110 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: H.M Ashraf
Chairs: Tassawar Hussain, Ayesha Niazi, Junaid Saleem

Time Topic Presenter
0900-0920 Eosinophilic Oesophagitis and its Management Jennifer Horslay-Silva
0920-0940 Motility Disorders of Oesophagus-What to Do? Shahab Abid
0940-1000 Oesophageal Strictures – Benign or Malignant and its management Allon Kahn
1000-1020 GERD (State of the Art) Farrukh Saeed
1020-1040 Achalasia – New Management Options G.N. Tayyab
1040-1050 Q&A
1050-1110 TEA BREAK


Timing: 1110 – 1400 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Arsalan Shahzad
Chairs: Muhammad Saleh, Waseem Ud Din, Nadeem Iqbal

Time Topic Presenter
1110-1130 New Developments in Endoscopic Management of Pancreatitis Shayam / Khalid Hassan
1130-1150 Necrotizing Pancreatitis – New Trends in Practical Management David Leslie Carr-Locke
1150-1210 Pancreatic Cancer and its Practical Management Amjad Salamat
1210-1230 TPIAT / CP Management M. Freeman
1230-1250 EUS/ERCP/MRCP-Which Test to use & When in Pancreatitis Diseases Shehzad Riaz
1250-1300 Q&A


Timing: 1400-1610 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Chairs: Shoaib Shafi, Farrukh Saeed, Sher Rehman

Time Topic Presenter
1400-1420 Chronic Diarrhea – Diagnosis and Management Muhammad Saleh
1420-1440 Non-IBD Intestinal Ulceration Causes and its Diagnosis Adil Naseer
1440-1500 Antibiotic Associated & Cl. Difficile Diarrhea Om Parkash
1500-1520 Ileostomies, Colostomies Pouches and Diarrhea and other Complication Saeed Qureshy
1520-1540 Pitfalls in Diagnosis and Management of Crohn’s Disease in Pakistan Faisal Waseem
1540-1600 Intestinal Ischemia – How Not to Miss it. Israr Toor
1600-1610 Q&A
1700 hrs Executive Council Meeting


Timing: 1900-2045 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad

1900-1915 Guests to be seated
1915-1920 Tilawat from The Holy Quran
1920-1925 National Anthem
Documentary on PSG (Optional)
1925-1930 Welcome Address by the Chair Organizing Committee
1930-1935 Address by Chair Scientific Committee
1935-1940 Address by the Secretory PSG
1940-1945 Address by the President PSG
1945-2010 Presentation of Memento to the Chief Guest
2010-2030 Address by the Chief Guest
2030-2045 Souvenir Distribution Ceremony
2045 Inaugural Dinner

Day 2


Timing: 0900 – 1130 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Ghias-ul-Hassan
Chairs: AA Durrani, Ayesha Niazi, Shehzad Riaz

Time Topic Presenter
0900-0920 Chronic Constipation and Evacuation Disorders Bilal Nasir
0920-0940 Management of Common Anorectal Disorders Ayub Malhi
0940-1000 Ileus and Pseudo-obstruction – What to Do? Mehnaz Shafi
1045-1105 IBS –New Therapeutic Options Qasim Aziz
1000-1020 Colorectal Cancer and New Developments Mumtaz Hayat
1040-1100 Probiotics and Faecal Microbiota Transplant Jonathan Sutton
1100-1110 Q&A
1110-1130 TEA BREAK


Timing: 1130 – 1420 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Arslan Shehzad
Chairs: Najam ul Hassan, Amjad Salamat, Muhammad Umer

Time Topic Presenter
1130-1150 Practical Management of Benign and Malignant Bilary Stricture Shanil Kadir
1150-1210 Management of Cystic Liver Disease Rafi-u-Din Quetta
1210-1230 Transplant as a Management Tool in Biliary Cancer Wahab Dogar
1230-1250 Pyogenic Cholangitis – Diagnosis and Management. Khawar Shabir
1250-1310 How to Train Yourself to Become a Good Trainer M.Freeman
1310-1320 Q&A
1320-1420 LUNCH Workshops Board Room
H-Pylori/APD – GERD
Chronic Diarrhea
Farrukh Saeed – Saad Ali Khan
Col Mansoor


Timing: 1420 – 1610 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: H.M Ashraf
Chairs: Shahid Rasool, Sadiq Memon, Sharbat Khan

Time Topic Presenter
1420-1440 COVID – 19 and Pancreatitis Waqar Ahmed
1440-1500 COVID – 19 and Liver Disease Wasim Jafri
1500-1520 Indication and efficacy of HEV Vaccine Ting Wu
1520-1540 Quality Standards in Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy Reporting:A Consensus Statement by Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology & GI Endoscopy Amna Subhan
1540-1600 Hepatitis E Vaccine – How Effective is That? James Wai Ko Shih
1640-1650 Q&A


Timing: 1610 – 1640 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Chairs: Arshad Kamal, Saad Niaz

Time Topic Presenter
1610-1640 Management of Steroid-Refractory Ulcerative Colitis in 2021 Jimmy Limdi


Timing: 1640 – 1850 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Malik Achakzai
Chairs: Muzaffar Latif Gill, Moazam ud din, Tanveer HussainHussain

Time Topic Presenter
1640-1700 Dyspepsia (Approach to a Patient – Prescription or Investigations) Kamran Hassan
1700-1720 Gastroparesis – Options Available in Pakistan Muhammad Hafeez
1720-1740 Ca. Stomach – Is it Always Adenocarcinoma? Nazish Butt
1740-1800 Non-Variceal Upper G.I Bleed Javed Farooqi
1800-1820 Neuroendocrine Tumors of G.I. Tract. Zahid Azam
1820-1830 Q&A
1830-1850 TEA BREAK
1900 hrs. General Body Meeting
2100 hrs. Gala Dinner

Day 3


Timing: 0900-1130 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Saad Ali Khan
Chairs: Amir Ghafoor, Habib Jadoon, Bakht Biland

Time Topic Presenter
0900-0920 G.I Tract and Radiation Injury Saqib Ahmed
0920-0940 Biopsychosocial Issues In Gastroenterology Physicians and Psychiatrists Perspective Mowdat Rana
0940-1000 Nutrition – Principles and Applications for G.I Patients Rustam Khan
1000-1020 Ergonomic Injuries among Endoscopic Patients Lubna Kamani
1020-1040 Obesity – Surgical Treatment Ghulam Siddiq
1040-1100 Optimal HBP Endoscopy Post Bariatic Surgery Nadeem Tehami
1100-1110 Q&A
1110-1130 TEA BREAK


Timing: 1130-1500 Hours.
Venue: Serena Islamabad
Moderator: Muhammad Saleh
Chairs: Masood Siddiq, Yasir Waheed, Mashood Ali Khan

Time Topic Presenter
1130-1150 Impact of Long term Suppression of Chronic HBV Infection Zaigham Abbas
1150-1210 MAFLD, NAFLD & NASH- Beyond Diet & Exercise Shahid Habib
1210-1230 Hepatitis-C Elimination – Where we Stand today? Saeed Hamid
1230-1250 NAFLD – Predicting Risk of Liver and cardiovascular disease Altaf Alam
1250-1310 Cholestatic Liver Disease (PBC, PSC) Saad Ali Khan
1310-1330 Acute Liver Failure – Management Amna Subhan
1330-1340 Q&A
1340-1400 Closing Ceremony
1400-1500 LUNCH Workshop Board Room
Obesity and Management Pathway
Shahid Habib – Junaid Saleem
Sadik Memon